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Below Freezing Temperatures Will Burn Your Plants.

Recently we have been inun­dated with cus­tomers call­ing and ask­ing why their Japan­ese Maples look so unhealthy, or is why is it dead? We explain to them with record tem­per­a­tures last spring a lot of plants had pushed their buds out early. In many cases plants leafed out way too soon. When the tem­per­a­tures started to fall many unpro­tected plants got hit with frost or freeze. While your maple may look a bit unhealthy now, it will most likely recover and will be just fine. New leaves will push out and the dead ones will fall off. This is not the worse thing that can hap­pen to a maple but it does make the plant stressed. It all comes down to the plant loca­tion. Make sure to keep it watered, mulched, and apply a mild organic fer­til­izer such as tree tone or holly tone. You may have to trim some of the dead branches after the new leaves appear. After that it will be as good as new.

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