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Walnut Hills Subdivision Landscaping Improvements

Land­forms was engaged by the res­i­dents of the Wal­nut Hills sub­di­vi­sion to cre­ate col­or­ful and appeal­ing entrances. Located in north­ern Ann Arbor across the street from Sky­line High School, the entrances had dete­ri­o­rated due to deer, wildlife and a harsh win­ter. The res­i­dents wanted a clean slate and requested Land­forms add bursts of sea­sonal color into their com­mu­nity. We pre­sented sev­eral designs which included deer and wildlife repel­lant plants and col­or­ful accents. The res­i­dents pre­ferred our clean and for­mal design for the entry­way. We designed an exten­sive annual plan with lots of lay­ers of color start­ing off low by the street and scal­ing up to the land­scape in the back­ground. We enhanced four main entrances, three boule­vard islands and five cul-de-sacs. The result — entrances with a sea­sonal lifespan.

View Wal­nut Hills sub­di­vi­sion Pho­tos on Flickr

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