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Walkout Basement Wins Landforms MGIA Award

Award Winning Walkout Basement by Landforms Inc, Milford, MichiganLand­forms would like to announce another land­scape improve­ment award from the Michi­gan Green Indus­try Asso­ci­a­tion (MGIA). A client in Mil­ford wanted more light and bet­ter access to their base­ment. So we brought in Capaldi Build­ing Com­pany to do the inte­rior and foun­da­tion work. We have been work­ing with the Capaldi Build­ing Com­pany for the past 8 years.

We han­dled the plan­ning, exca­va­tion, site work and land­scap­ing. We exca­vated the wall down past the foot­ing to add addi­tional foot­ing to stop frost from creep­ing down to the base­ment floor. Then we exca­vated back from the wall out to accom­mo­date the steps and land­ings. Our client wanted it to look as nat­ural as pos­si­ble. Since they are both State of Michi­gan Mas­ter Gardner’s we included sev­eral plant­ing pock­ets and uti­lized boul­ders and nat­ural cut stone steps. We installed a new door in place of the old. We spaced pavers 1/4″ and based with clean stone down to the orig­i­nal drain tile of the home. This allows any excess water to fall into the walk­out at the land­ing (bot­tom). All of the sur­face water was redi­rected to flow away from the opening.

We would like to thank the Wat­sons for the project and the MGIA for our award.

Con­tact Land­forms Inc and Make Your Base­ment a Walkout

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