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It’s Time to Mulch!

Is your land­scape look­ing drab from the long win­ter? Do you want every­thing to pop and make your plants stand out? MULCH! Adding a good layer of mulch not only helps keep the weeds down but also helps to decrease the water your plants need and it looks great. At Land­forms we install the high­est qual­ity mulch. Our mulch costs a lit­tle more because it holds it’s color longer and is a bet­ter qual­ity prod­uct. Our color enhanced mulch is dou­ble ground and has two appli­ca­tions of color so it is all per­fectly coated. The nat­ural mulch we offer is a dou­ble ground slab wood prod­uct. It is mad from the out­side of the trees that the lum­ber mills do not use. We also offer coco mulch, rub­ber play­ground mulch, pine straw and count­less dec­o­ra­tive stones.

Call us today for an esti­mate to have your land­scape newly mulched. (248)345‑4231

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